Auto-play Dynamic Video Thumbnails

Auto-play, without audio, has become the mainstream way for publishers to get more video views. As a result, InstaVid has created its own version: Auto-play dynamic video thumbnails. We designed a 10-second auto-play of the 1st thumbnail, then the 2nd, 3rd, etc. If thumbnails are hidden, it will scroll automatically to allow viewing of auto-play as […]

Year of the user – 2017

The user experience has often been ignored because the goal on the Internet is to get clicks and conversions. This is going to change in 2017 and winners on the Internet will be those that use the tools necessary to discover and implement best practices for the best user experience. It’s been said for a […]

Get Dynamic Video Thumbnails for Live Streaming

They say that “live streaming” is the next big thing in video now that all of the requirements for making it easy to do are here.  As a result we at InstaVid are ready too, now developing dynamic video thumbnails for live streaming as well. Our thumbnail platform allows collections of thumbnails to be portable […]

Better Video Thumbnails?

Since video has taken the Internet by storm the image thumbnail with a video play button represents a video to watch after clicking thru. What if you, your users, could watch an excerpt before clicking? What would that affect be? It would provide insight, possibly triggering emotion, either enticing or rebuffing a user to take […]

Dynamic Video Thumbnails

The dynamic video thumbnail can be used in many different ways from desktop/laptop to mobile phones and tablets. It allows for a user to more quickly determine what the video thumbnail is all about.  It replaces the image visual that is static with a live miniature video clip that plays either automatically, with hover, or […]

History Of Dynamic Video Thumbnails

The first versions of the dynamic video thumbnail began as the “Videobar” in the Flash format, back in 2010.  It is amazing how things have changed in a few short years.  No longer is Flash supported and HTML5 and CSS3 are the new standard for front-end / browser applications.  If you still have Flash you can […]

The Platform Supporting Dynamic Video Thumbnails

When observing the instant, play-in-place video thumbnails in action, it seems like an easy build for any good HTML5 developer.  It is if you only need one or two collections.  However, its another story when you want to serve 20,000 a second.  Not only does one need a perfected user experience, but a strong delivery […]