Dynamic Video Thumbnails

The dynamic video thumbnail can be used in many different ways from desktop/laptop to mobile phones and tablets. It allows for a user to more quickly determine what the video thumbnail is all about.  It replaces the image visual that is static with a live miniature video clip that plays either automatically, with hover, or click, depending upon the desire of the publisher.  And…there are multiple dynamic thumbnails in a line-up making it far easier for a user to pick and chose their click-thru.

For a long time publishers have revolted against the “preview video thumbnail” fearful that CTR’s would decline. But with the advent of Facebook offering auto-play preview before the click, publishers have no choice but to jump on the bandwagon.

Facebook has now overtaken YouTube in video views with 8 billion per day compared to 5 billion a day. The video view war is on.

So, how does a publisher increase video views with the dynamic video thumbnail? By converting their static thumbnails to dynamic ones and leveraging the platform of InstaVid. This is done by adding dynamic thumbnails to the InstaVid widget so that the playlist in the widget allows for cross-domain embedding. This means a network can roll-out a distribution of dynamic video thumbnails, whether its an ad network like AdSense or Adwords or a consumer video sharing playlist.  It only takes some “what-if” brainstorming sessions to figure out the next big thing with video distribution.

With this said, we are eager to assist publishers to quickly leverage the power of the InstaVid platform. It is easy for us to ingest enterprise video metadata and deliver video content into your site or across a network, internal or external. See an example – a Video Game solution – Content from IVA and distribution of 12,000 titles, put together in less than 4 weeks: http://videogames.instavid.com


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