Year of the user - 2017

The user experience has often been ignored because the goal on the Internet is to get clicks and conversions. This is going to change in 2017 and winners on the Internet will be those that use the tools necessary to discover and implement best practices for the best user experience. It’s been said for a number of years that this time would come.  It is here.

Just as in politics, the people rose, now the people are rising on the Internet and saying a resounding “no” to publishers that don’t adapt to what he/she wants.

So, what does the user want? To find out, an entire customer journey map is required, to figure it out.

What is a CJM?  A customer journey map is an incredibly useful tool to understand and improve your customer experience. A great customer journey map documents your customer experience from your customer’s eyes, helping you to understand not only how customers interact with you today, but also includes suggestions for improvement.

In our experience with video, we know what users hate:  1) clicking without knowing the quality of a video, 2) opening a new browser and waiting, and 3) watching a pre-roll ad before knowing the quality of the video. Therefore, 2017 is the year of the dynamic video thumbnail.

Don’t build it; license it from us.  It’s pennies to convert your static image thumbnails on your homepage and sidebars so that users can view an excerpt of the videos you are asking them to click thru to…no longer forcing them to click, open browser, and watch an ad.  Your competitors will change and your business can either adopt or lose audience.

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